Places to Eat

-Jam Cafe: BEST BREAKFAST IN VANCOUVER! We are definitely obsessed.... we admittedly waited in a 1.5 hour line to eat here for breakfast once.. that should say enough!

- Heriloom: Vegetarian, a bit on the pricey side but worth it.. especially their breakfast

- Slicketty Jims: unique spot on Main Street, close to our apartment... classic breakfast options

- Burgoo: comfort food, great drinks, warm atmosphere

- Tacofino: best tacos and margaritas

- Cactus Club: lots of locations around the city, great spot for appetizers and mixed drinks

- Jinya Ramen Bar: the most amazing ramen! Nick always chooses this restaurant for our date nights

- Sushi Nanaimo or Sushi Bella: two awesome Sushi places in town, Sushi Nanaimo is in East Van and Sushi Bella is in Kitsilano near the beach

- The Naam: cheap, delicious, good quality vegetarian food... and this place is open 24/7 so no matter what time of day you want some good quality food The Naam is always an option! Maybe after you dance the night away on June 14th...

- Anh and Chi: Vietnamese food

- Vij's: East Indian food

- Sawdasee Thai

- Pho Goodness Sake: Vietnamese food, amazing Pho!


- Strange Fellows: located in East Vancouver

- Brassneck Brewery: located on Main Street, close to our apartment

- Steamworks Brewery and Taproom: in Burnaby, near the reception venue

-Dageraad Brewery: in Burnaby... VERY close to the reception venue (warning: no food options)

- 33 Acres Brewing:

- East Van Brewing Co

- Granville Island Brewing

Coffee and Treats

- 49th Parallel Coffee and Lucky's Donuts: Nick and I probably get coffee and doughnuts here at least once a week... and once he actually moves to Vancouver I'm sure our frequency will increase even more! There are a few locations in the city- we usually go to the one in Kitsilano (on West 4th ave) or the one on Main Street, very close to our apartment

- Matchstick Coffee: amazing coffee and a variety of baked goods (lots of gluten free stuff if that's your vibe!)... there are also lots of locations around the city, one on Main Street very close to St. George's Church

- Cartems Donuts: delicious donuts and coffee... in Vancouver there is quite the battle about which donuts are better, Lucky's or Cartems. Nick and I are definitely on team Lucky's... but Cartems is also amazing if your curious and want to check out the competition

- Earnest Ice Cream AND Rain or Shine Ice Cream: Now... there is a big ice cream battle in Vancouver (similar to the donuts... but more intense). We won't reveal what our favorite is... you'll have to try them both and be the judge!

- Neverland Tea Salon or Secret Garden Tea Salon: both adorable little tea spots in Vancouver with a classic 'high tea style'... for all of the tea drinkers out there!

Things to See and Do

- Stanley Park: Vancouver's most iconic park, rent bikes or walk along the 10km sea wall.. definitely one of our favourite spots to enjoy the outdoors as its so close to the city

- Kitsilano Beach: one of the most popular beaches in Vancouver, as just south of the beach is West 4th Ave which is full of restaurants, shops, and plenty of treats!

- Van Dusen Botanical Gardens: as far as Vancouver pricing goes the admission prices aren't too bad- and it is worth it! The botanical gardens are also literally steps away from St. George's

- Vancouver Aquarium: pricey admission, but definitely a cool spot to check out as the Aquarium is actually in Stanley Park

- Deep Cove: a sweet spot right on the water in North Van, a quiet place to walk some trails (easy, popular hike here called Quarry Rock), also some small shops/places to eat, Honey's Donut's is a famous spot... their donuts are very unique, made from potatoes! Not too far from Burnaby where the reception is.... just over the bridge!

- Lynn Canyon: beautiful spot in North Van if you have a car and want to check out some of the 'outdoorsy' spots in the area.. best part is there are no admission fees here compared to some of the other popular spots

- Capilano Suspension Bridge: famous suspension bridge in North Van, it is absolutley stunning... but admission prices are steep be warned

- Grouse Mountain: another famous spot in North Van- the closest mountain to Vancouver, there are amazing views of the whole city and Howe Sound from up there... and for all of you non-hikers you can take the gondola up the mountain, another warning... admission is expensive!

- Steveston Harbour: Steveston used to be a Japanese fishing village, now it is an adorable harbour with lots of restaurants and shops about 30 mins south of Vancouver, if you decide to check this place out we highly recommend eating at Pajo's fish and chips right on the dock